What Is...?

Welcome.... You might be wondering what in the word is a CatholicTechnoGeek? I wish I fully understand the term myself, giving that I was the person to coin it. All I can say is that it is me. I am a Roman Catholic since my baptism on December 25th some many years ago. Like many Catholics, I try to live my faith daily. Some day I do it well and people see Christ in me, and other days I screw up and people wonder why I consider myself a Christian. I have also been a Geek all of my life. Okay, I didn't start as a Geek, I started off as a Nerd at birth but got better as I grew up. Being a Nerd/Geek, I have a natural attraction to all things geek, but a special affection for technology. Maybe I got it from my dad you built one of his first computers from a Heathkit. I certainly followed in his footsteps when I co-built a Heathkit robot in college. While I had early aspirations to be a programmer and later in high school and electrical engineer, I instead became a youth minister. Now I serve as a member of an administrative team for a Catholic church. The funny thing is I get to do programing and some simple engineering work at the church as well... So this blog is essentially me, trying help people where I can, and sharing some laughs along the way...


Here you will find various thoughts and prayers. Some are my own personal reflections and others are from people wiser and better than me.


These are the things that appeal to my Geek side. It may be a something I found on while cruising on the web, something I read, or just something I might find "nerdy."

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