When Calvin and Hobbes Go Star Wars
CatholicTechnoGeek 1 week ago

Brian Kesinger, who has worked as a visual artist for Walt Disney, created a series of mashups c… Read More

Net Neutrality
CatholicTechnoGeek 1 week ago

A quick & easy way to support Net Neutrality! 1. Go to (the shortcut John… Read More

Guys and Their Junk
CatholicTechnoGeek 1 week ago

Read More

What We Might Not Realize
CatholicTechnoGeek 6 months ago

I will let the video speak for itself...found this on Read More

Star Wars St. Blaise
CatholicTechnoGeek 7 months ago

Found this in the internet today on a site called CatholicMemes . Would the Catholic Church allow Light Sabers in place of candles? Hard to say....… Read More

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