Let It Snow Trek Version
CatholicTechnoGeek 6 months ago

This has been for a while, but it is time to dust if off and play it again. Read More

Halleluja - Lindsey Stirling
CatholicTechnoGeek 6 months ago

Each one of us have life changing moments: a brush with death; the death of a loved one; meetingĀ a person; witnessing a tragedy; witnessing something amazing; experiencing something in a different lig… Read More

Becoming Better Communicators.
CatholicTechnoGeek 6 months ago

via SIZZLE In a galaxy not far away, and in a time not so long ago, my generation: we thongs on our feet; we listened to records and cassettes; we used typewriters to create reports. Today, peo… Read More

God Allows U-Turns
CatholicTechnoGeek 7 months ago

Ever been to a new city, get on a road, and realize you are heading south instead of north? Wouldn't… Read More

The Mystery of Sharknado
CatholicTechnoGeek 10 months ago

I haven't figured out this one out. Read More


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