True Faith Requires Spirit

True faith requires our spirit. What is our spirit? It is when our mind and heart act together. When they act independently they are just tools for intellectual or emotional responses to the world around us. When they work together, we develop a complete picture and it animates our bodies into action.

For example, we can look at a crucifix and we can intellectualize what it meant for Jesus to die on the cross. But without being moved emotionally, meaning we experience the love Jesus is showing us, we fail to fully grasp why Jesus died for us.

Likewise, we can see a crucifix and be moved to tears to see Jesus suffering on the cross. However, without our minds thinking about how we respond to this profound gift of love, we also fail to grasp why Jesus died for us.

Mind and heart, working to together, we are able to begin to understand and experience Jesus’ love. We are also able to respond to that love


Faith does come from just the mind, nor does it come just from the heart, nor from our spirit, nor the body. Instead, it comes from all four. Without the heart, it is just an intellectual exercise. Without the mind, it is just a feel good experience. Without the spirit, it remains earthbound. Without the body, it has no substance. It is not until it involves our entire person-hood, does it become real.