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Originally, I built this site for church workers wanting ideas on how to build a website on a church budget; for a lot of churches, that means little to no money. Unfortunately, I had to destroy my sight because it was hacked. So I have been rebuilding it.

So in keeping with my original intent of this website, I will be starting a series on how to build a relatively cheap website using WordPress. If you scroll down, you will notice this website is a WordPress site. I have built two other websites using the process I will outline in future blog posts. The two other sites are  and .

The interesting thing with the Nativity website is that is actually several individual websites (each ministry area is a separate website).  That way each ministry can change things within that area without affecting the entire website. I also don’t have to worry about storage issues.

The reason I use WordPress is:

  2. It is updated regularly (so security holes are patched)
  3. You can give permissions to users so they can post but not change the settings
  4. It is user friendly – meaning there isn’t the need for a lot of tech support on my end

There are two versions of wordpress out there. is a hosted sited and is for self-hosted sites. (More about the differences in my next post.)

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