Building a WordPress Website: Domain Names- Part 1 (To Own or Not To Own)

So at this point, I have to assume (yes that is always a dangerous situation) that you want to do a shared hosted website using WordPress. So we {meaning you] need to make some decisions.

The first decision is do you want own domain name? What is a domain name? When you type a web address for places such as  Facebook (, Twitter (, or (, the name and the dot com is a registered domain name.

When you have a shared hosted website, may host providers are willing to register a domain for you. However, some hosting services don’t register the domain in your name. Instead, they register your domain name in their name.

In some cases, having the hosting service own the domain is not a bad thing. There are various ways of looking up who owns a website. If someone looks up who owns the domain, they get the company’s information and not your own.

In other cases, having ownership of your domain name is the better option. For example, for some reason you have an issue with your hosting service, and you want to move to another provider. If you own the domain, you can more easily move to another provider. If you don’t own the domain, you might lose you domain name when you change providers.

So take time to weigh the pro’s and con’s of owning a domain name….


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