The Big Bang

Originally posted February 10, 2010 on one of my other blogs.

I have always wondered about the “big bang” theory and how it fits with the belief God created everything. So I did some research and found that the original theory of an expanding universe was proposed by a Catholic priest.

Further research on the details left me in spinning in physic terms I haven’t heard in over 20 years. As I dug deeper into the physics I realized how far my engineering background had atrophied to a dust speck.

“So where to go with this,” I sit here wondering at the keyboard.

I found it interesting that some scientists actually believe that at the beginning of the universe, various laws of physics seem to fall apart and there was a time when time didn’t exist.

So does this mean that time and the laws of physics were created?

If that was the case, could a “supreme being” create those laws and structure them in such a way that this primordial atom could explode, change into hundreds of different types of atoms, combine in such a way to create planets, suns, which then would combine into something that would become a biological life form know a single cell organism. That one or more of these single cells would change into a multi-celled organism, and later over time evolve into creatures like you and me? Or did we just get lucky?

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