Photoshop For Beginners Bookazine

I had some time to learn some more Photoshop. The lesson related to creating a “Horror/Sci-Fi” movie poster. Here are the results. Of course I had to play around with the credit a little….

Not Coming Anywhere
Not Coming Anywhere

The lesson comes from a “Bookazine” called Photoshop for Beginners by IP Imagine Publishing. I have been playing around with Photoshop from time to time so I skipped ahead to this lesson. There are some errors in the lesson directions, such as where to find a particular menu item. Example: To “Place” image,  the menu option is under “File” and not “Edit” in CS6. Another example is where the tell you to flip and image, but the directions fail to tell you it is under “Transform” at not a main item in any menu.

Despite the flaws in the lesson directions, you can muddle through and achieve nearly the same results as the publisher displays as the final project.

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