Bad Business Practices

The gospel for last Sunday (MT 20:1-16A), Sept 21, defies what is commonly deemed good business practices. Even back in 30-33 AD they seemed strange. Back then any good business owner would hire those who came seeking work at dawn because it was clear that these men wanted to work. Hiring more workers at 9:00 am would have some risk because these men didn’t come at the start of the work day. However, to continue¬†hiring workers when there is no clear need 1-2 three hours before seems to be a poor business practice. Why hire more men than you need? Obviously you are eating up your profits. And why hire men that everyone else deemed not hireable? Then to pay everyone the same wage? Clearly the business owner isn’t concerned about profits or getting the best workers. Instead he is concerned about the men and their families. He wants to see them fed and clothed. Likewise, Jesus is concerned that we receive “our daily bread,” and isn’t concerned we are the perfect Christian. All he asks is that we come and look for him and accept his generous gift of love…. He will give it to us anytime….

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