Remake It

Standing at the edge of time Watching the lies pass me by The truth seems to be What we make it I just can’t take it   If you can’t find the truth, fake it If you can’t take the truth, remake it Reality becomes what you make it If you can’t find the truth, […]

Open The Door

I can only knock on the door. Only you can open the door to your heart to me! – Your Heavenly Father


A great quote from CS Lewis. Often we misunderstand what it means to be humble; humility is mistakenly thought of not acknowledging our gifts and what we have accomplished. We should rejoice in the gifts we have been given, and rejoice in what we have accomplished by using these God-given gifts. However, we should not […]

Illuminating Tolkien

An art student Benjamin Harff for his exam for the Academy of Arts, decided to illuminate J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Silmarillion.” Illumination is an artistic processes of decorating text and sometimes adding small images around the text in a manuscript. This illumination is typically done in bright colors, silver, and gold; giving the effect that the text gives off […]