What is Net Neutrality

Here is a video by the Wall Street Journal that tries to explain it all: Wall Street Journal Video – Net Neutrality

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

A well done video mash up by Alex Luthor featuring the rebooted Star Trek universe and Star Wars.


No matter how old we are, our Heavenly Father wants to hold us in his arms like a newborn baby; loving us fully, unconditionally, and completely, with wonder and awe.

Results are far from antithetical!

Album Cover Art

In some ways Sweet and Lynch’s “Only to Rise” may seem antithetical. Michael Sweet (Stryper/solo artist) is a known Christian and George Lynch (Dokken/ Lynch Mob) is a known Atheist/Freethinker. Sweet who writes in his autobiography, “Honestly”of his struggles to be recognized as a guitar player; yet he records an album where Lynch is the […]

Light Bulbs Never

Unless you put energy (electricity) into a light bulb, it will never light a dark room.