20 Reasons Is Not Enough

Ask 20 different people why they believe in God, most likely you will get 20 different answers. Why so many answers? Because God cares enough to help each person find their own reason for their belief. If you don’t have your reason, ask God to help you find a reason to believe in him.

New Cure for BSOD?

According to “The Smoking Gun” a Colorado man executed his computer by firing 8 shots into it from a 9mm pistol. The reason for the murder was that he was ¬†“fed up” ¬†constantly dealing with the Blue Screen of Death on the computer and “effectively disabled it,” according to the report. The pistol used had […]

Love Head and Heart?

Often love is thought as an action entirely from the heart. But is it? How can we love something we do not know? How can we recognize love if we do not know what it is? The impetus for love starts in our head, but then moves to the heart. Therefore we cannot truly say […]

A DOS Based World

On March 31, Microsoft released its April Fool’s joke saying that they were going to release a DOS based phone (see video below). For those who are not familiar with DOS, it was the operating system that powered early computers and it was text-based.  So to get a program to work you would have to […]

We Are Imperfect

Let us face it, we Christians are not perfect. We are like everyone else and we sin just like everyone else. We do an injustice when we live in denial that we are still sinners or believe we are better than others. If anything, we should be even more conscious of our sins. We should […]