New Cure for BSOD?

According to “The Smoking Gun” a Colorado man executed his computer by firing 8 shots into it from a 9mm pistol. The reason for the murder was that he was  “fed up”  constantly dealing with the Blue Screen of Death on the computer and “effectively disabled it,” according to the report. The pistol used had been recently purchased off Craigslist.

The Colorado Springs police, responding to a shots fired call, found the dead computer on the ground behind the owner’s residence. The computer’s owner admitted to the premeditated killing. The police cited Lucas Hinch with discharging a firearm within city limits and confiscated his gun. However, they left the dead computer at the scene of the crime.

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In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hinch described the shooting. “It was glorious,” and “angels sung on high.” does not recommend this method for curing your computer problems. However, we understand many of us have been driven to the point where we seriously might consider such action.

This action cost him a gun and will also cost him time in court as well as a fine. Since he effectively destroyed his computer, he will have to do without or buy a new one.  He could have saved money and time have a qualified technician fix the computer, or he could have simply bought a new one.

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