Category: layered security

  • True Story – Hacker Using Users Email Account to Steal

    A person I know recently received a phone call from his bank asking him if he had sent a particular email. The email asked for some banking information but asked the reply be sent to a different email account. The bank was calling to see if the information was correct. It turns out his email […]

  • KeePass – Free & Easy Password Protection

    If you have an online account, most likely you have to have a password to access that account. The trick is how do you create a password that is easy to remember, but not easy for someone else to guess? Some of us have used important dates in our lives, maiden names, names of our […]

  • Qualys Browser Check

    Those who design malware, viruses, etc. know one of the best ways to infect a computer is through the web browser. After all, there are literally thousands if not millions of people surfing the web each day. So what can you do to defend yourself? A: Stay away from questionable sites and B: Patch you […]

  • What is Layered Security

    Earlier, I mentioned “layered security,” and felt it would be good to expand what I mean when I use that term.  Layered security, to me, means that you do not depend on one method of protecting your computer, laptop, or phone. Often I have heard people say, “I have an antivirus program, so I am […]