How to Clean Your Screens Safely!

You know that sheet of paper that comes with your new device that we usually ignore and throw in the garbage? Often there are directions on how to clean it without damaging it. While water is usually safe, you have to be careful that it doesn’t get into the case and fry your electronics. Rubbing alcohol […]

Google+ & Jetpack

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Since September 2013, I have been using Jetpack to push my posts from this website to Twitter (@cathtechnogeek ) and Facebook (, but I never set up anything with Google+. Maybe it is because I, like so many others, had already got caught up in Facebook. Whatever the reason, I neglected Google+, I finally decided to create […]

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Computer Security Myths

There is a commercial out there, I forget which company it is for at this time, that uses the premise that they can’t lie on the internet, aka, everything you read on the internet is true. Well, hopefully we know that the premise is false. The can lie on the internet. However, the same type […]