Star Wars St. Blaise

Found this in the internet today on a site called CatholicMemes¬†. Would the Catholic Church allow Light Sabers in place of candles? Hard to say….

Even More Fully Today

Let me feel your love today, O’ Lord. Shower it upon me and quench my thirst for you. Let your healing love touch my deepest darkest hurts, buried so deep that even I don’t know them. Let your love be like a salve, restoring me so I can even more fully love today.

Morning Prayer

Lord, I have no idea what today will bring. Help me to listen to the people around me, treat them with respect, and to love them as you love them despite the situation.

Prayer of the Childlike

Our prayers can be a child with a case of the wants — God I need this, this, and this. Our prayers can be like a naughty child caught in the act – I am sorry for this, I am sorry for that, I am sorry when I, and…. Our prayers can be like a […]