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XP Hack Not A Good Idea

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Apparently there is a registry hack which is a “work around” that allows you to continued to get XP security updates. Well not actually, instead it allows you to pull in Windows Server 2003 updates – which has similarities with Windows XP in its code. ┬áSo in theory a portion of the updates should work on your Windows XP machine. However, in there are also differences in the two operating systems, so not all the updates will work and could actually damage your Windows XP operating system.

My advice is not to use it. Disconnect you Windows XP machine from the internet and any network to which you are connected. You may not be able to surf the web or get email, but you have a machine you can use and your data is safe. When you have the money, either upgrade your XP machine or buy yourself a new computer.

For more information on the hack, you may want to visit Maximum PC’s article at:

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True Story – Hacker Using Users Email Account to Steal

A person I know recently received a phone call from his bank asking him if he had sent a particular email. The email asked for some banking information but asked the reply be sent to a different email account. The bank was calling to see if the information was correct.

It turns out his email account had been hacked because of a poor password. Once the email account had been hacked, the thieves set up a rule in account to send a copy of all emails to the email account they created. (He was using an account that uses an online version of Outlook to manage the email.( The thieves (or would be thieves) were actually sending emails from his account to make the emails look legitimate.

So the lesson here is if you have any account online, please you good passwords. Also if you have accounts that use a mail manager that allows you to create rules or auto-forward email that you check it periodically. You might find your email going to someone else.