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  • Encounters

    Paul on his way to persecute the church in Damascus (Acts 9) encounters the risen Christ and his life is changed. Likewise, each of must encounter Christ in some way. Christ waits for us on the road as we journey through life. Like the disciples on the way to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), sometimes we fail […]

  • Lent and Easter More Than Once a Year

    The past week we recounted the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. Many of us prefer to focus on the Resurrection because: 1) it is easier to reflect on because we prefer to not to deal with pain and suffering; 2) the Resurrection if proof to us that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. It is what […]

  • Experience It

    Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane asks Peter who has fallen asleep as Jesus prayed, “Could you not watch one hour?” The disappointment in the statement is obvious. But Jesus also recognizes Peter’s human limits by continuing, “..[T]he spirit is indeed but the flesh is weak.” This Holy Week Jesus ask that you spend time […]

  • let me wrap my loving arms around you

    My child, there is no sin you could commit that would prevent me from forgiving you. Come to me and let me wrap my loving arms around you.

  • Natural as a Child Loving a Parent

    We can claim we are Christian. We can act like a Christian. But these words and actions are nothing more than wind unless we dwell in God’s love and respond to that love in action. Fortunately, there is nothing we have to do but let God love us. Our response will be as natural as […]