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Want to Know if Website Has Been Affected by Heartbleed

According to the Google Web Store, Chromebleed is an extension for Chrome that will check to see if the website you are using is affected by the Heartbleed bug. Below is the description from the developer.


Displays a warning if the site you are browsing is affected by the Heartbleed bug

Many HTTPS-secured sites on the internet use OpenSSL. Unfortunately, a major vulnerability in OpenSSL was disclosed – known as the Heartbleed bug – yesterday that put hundreds of thousands of servers at risk of compromise.

Whilst some servers have been patched already, many remain that have not been patched. Chromebleed uses a web service developed by Filippo Valsorda and checks the URL of the page you have just loaded. If it is affected by Heartbleed, then a Chrome notification will be displayed. It’s as simple as that!

Please note that, in some jurisdictions, site testing can only be carried out with the express permission of the site owner. Please check what the law says in your local area before proceeding to download this extension.

The extension can be download at 

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Origins…How to Build a Website

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Originally, I built this site for church workers wanting ideas on how to build a website on a church budget; for a lot of churches, that means little to no money. Unfortunately, I had to destroy my sight because it was hacked. So I have been rebuilding it.

So in keeping with my original intent of this website, I will be starting a series on how to build a relatively cheap website using WordPress. If you scroll down, you will notice this website is a WordPress site. I have built two other websites using the process I will outline in future blog posts. The two other sites are  and .

The interesting thing with the Nativity website is that is actually several individual websites (each ministry area is a separate website).  That way each ministry can change things within that area without affecting the entire website. I also don’t have to worry about storage issues.

The reason I use WordPress is:

  2. It is updated regularly (so security holes are patched)
  3. You can give permissions to users so they can post but not change the settings
  4. It is user friendly – meaning there isn’t the need for a lot of tech support on my end

There are two versions of wordpress out there. is a hosted sited and is for self-hosted sites. (More about the differences in my next post.)