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  • Google+ & Jetpack

    Google+ & Jetpack

    Since September 2013, I have been using Jetpack to push my posts from this website to Twitter (@cathtechnogeek ) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/catholictechnogeek), but I never set up anything with Google+. Maybe it is because I, like so many others, had already got caught up in Facebook. Whatever the reason, I neglected Google+, I finally decided to create […]

  • Wordfence – Slowed Site to a Crawl?

    I recently found one downside to Wordfence recently. On a website I manage, it used up enough resources that slowed down my website to a crawl even with cache option enabled. I was using a high-speed connection and yet it took about 2-3 minutes for the site to display. The way this website is constructed is more […]

  • Wordfence Live Monitoring Plugin for WordPress

    A goal of every blogger and website designer is to have people view and read you site. It is only natural. After all we spend countless hours trying to design a great looking website that is easy to use with content that people want to read. However, one of the things that will ruin any […]

  • WordPress, Carrington Build, and a Child Theme

    One of the benefits of using WordPress to build a website is that you can change the look of a website usually in a few minutes. All you have to do is load and activate a new theme that contains all the code to modify your website. However, being the geek I am, I always […]

  • Building a WordPress Website: Domain Names- Part 1 (To Own or Not To Own)

    So at this point, I have to assume (yes that is always a dangerous situation) that you want to do a shared hosted website using WordPress. So we {meaning you] need to make some decisions. The first decision is do you want own domain name? What is a domain name? When you type a web […]