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  • Test…Test…Test…

    WordPress has a plugin called Jetpack that adds some of the features of WordPress.com website to WordPress.org websites. (Click here to learn the differences.) So if I do this correctly, I should be able to send posts from my this site to Facebook page for CatholicTechnoGeek.com. I succeeded in posting to my personal timeline, but […]

  • Origins…How to Build a Website

    Originally, I built this site for church workers wanting ideas on how to build a website on a church budget; for a lot of churches, that means little to no money. Unfortunately, I had to destroy my sight because it was hacked. So I have been rebuilding it. So in keeping with my original intent […]

  • Web of Trust

    Another web application I like it W.O.T. (aka Web of Trust) – http://www.mywot.com/ This web application is installed as an add on to your web browser. What is does it helps you evaluate the trustworthiness of a site or url. This is indicated by a circle located by an URL link for example in Facebook or […]