Welcome… You might wonder what in the world is a CatholicTechnoGeek? I wish I fully understand the term myself, giving I am the one using the term.

All I can say is that it is me. I am a Roman Catholic since my baptism on December 25th years ago. Like many Catholics, I try to live my faith daily. Some days I do it well, and people see Christ through me; other days I screw up and people wonder if I am another one of those hypocritical Christians.

I have also been a Geek all of my life. Okay, I didn’t start as a Geek; I started off as a Nerd at birth but got better as I grew up. Being a Nerd/Geek, I have a natural attraction to all things geek, but a special affection for technology.

Maybe I got it from my dad you built one of his first computers from a Heathkit. I followed in his footsteps when I co-built a Heathkit robot.

While I had early aspirations to be a programmer, and later in high school, an electrical engineer. However, instead became a youth minister. Now I serve as a member of an administrative team for a Catholic church. The funny thing is I get to do some programming and some simple engineering work at the church…

So this blog is essentially me, trying to help people where I can, and sharing some laughs along the way…

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