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  • Is Faith A Crutch Avoiding The Reality of Death?

    I recently read somewhere that some people believe being a Christian is some kind of crutch. Mainly, the article focused on the idea that we Christians cannot deal with the fact that when we die there is no afterlife. That we use the crutch to avoid feeling afraid of dying because we believe we go […]

  • What Is Christian Music

    In my teens, I become very interested in Christian Music. I began buying cassette tapes and albums of music by Amy Grant, Michael W Smith, Newsboys, Petra, and Whiteheart which were popular artists/bands in the 80s. The music reflected events occurring in my faith life. I was also rebelling in my way against the music […]

  • How to Delete Cookies

    Pets are the best way to have your cookies removed! They will remove both the cookies you want to keep and the cookies you don’t want to keep.

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