Need to Leave Windows XP?

Recently, I have had to change 5 computers at work from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. The reason for the change is that Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP starting April 8, 2014. Due to a tight non-profit budget, I updated most of the computers to Windows 8.1 and I bought a new computer […]

Spiritual Desert

Many of us will eventually a cross a spiritual desert. It feels like God has abandoned us, leaving us wondering what have we done wrong or was God really in our life in the first place. It is during these times we can draw strength from spiritual deserts of other believers. The Jews wondered the […]

Natural as a Child Loving a Parent

We can claim we are Christian. We can act like a Christian. But these words and actions are nothing more than wind unless we dwell in God’s love and respond to that love in action. Fortunately, there is nothing we have to do but let God love us. Our response will be as natural as […]

Legalism versus Love

When helping another overcome sin, legalism usually gets us nowhere. However, genuine love can be all it takes to help someone change his/her life.

More than a animal

Man and woman were created more than just another animal walking this word. Each of us has a great potential within themselves waiting to be used and developed. We can sit and act like animals, or we stand up and reach into our God made souls and reason, dream, love, and enter a relationship with […]