Get Rid of Organized Religion?

Christianity is not about rules, it is about loving God and neighbor. Does that mean we should do away with organized religion, because they have rules? No. For these rules serve as a roadmap to how we can grow and love God and neighbor even more…why else would God give us the 10 commandments?

Wordfence – Slowed Site to a Crawl?

I recently found one downside to Wordfence recently. On a website I manage, it used up enough resources that slowed down my website to a crawl even with cache option enabled. I was using a high-speed connection and yet it took about 2-3 minutes for the site to display. The way this website is constructed is more […]

Take A Shower

God wants to bathe in his shower of lover, but often we turn on the water until we get a drip and say that is enough. Let us not be afraid turn open the tap all the way and be drenched by God’s love.

Wordfence Revisited

As I continue to use Wordfence and have started to use it on other sites, I grow to appreciated more and more. I already mentioned the ability to block specific IP addresses in an earlier post “Wordfence Live Monitoring Plugin for WordPress” and some of the reports the plugin is able to generate. Today, I would […]

True Faith Requires Spirit

True faith requires our spirit. What is our spirit? It is when our mind and heart act together. When they act independently they are just tools for intellectual or emotional responses to the world around us. When they work together, we develop a complete picture and it animates our bodies into action. For example, we […]