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  • Guys and Their Junk

    Guys and Their Junk
  • Vatican vs. Advatar

    Original Date January 20, 2010 This weekend I saw on the back page of the Faith Section  our local newspaper a headline that said that the something to the effect that the Vatican Scorns Avatar. I might not have the correct wording, and since my family is sleeping I am not going to rummage through […]

  • WordPress, Carrington Build, and a Child Theme

    One of the benefits of using WordPress to build a website is that you can change the look of a website usually in a few minutes. All you have to do is load and activate a new theme that contains all the code to modify your website. However, being the geek I am, I always […]

  • Why On Your Own?

    Why try to make it to heaven on your own? It is a lot easier with Jesus as your guide.

  • let me wrap my loving arms around you

    My child, there is no sin you could commit that would prevent me from forgiving you. Come to me and let me wrap my loving arms around you.