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  • Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 8?

    Instead of buying a new computer, you have decided that you want to upgrade your computer running XP to Windows 8. I hope that you checked and made sure your computer meets all of the minimum requirements to run Windows 8 before you bought a copy of Windows 8. (You can check the requirements by […]

  • Replacing You Windows XP Computer?

    You may have decided that you need to replace you old computer because it is running Windows XP and you know Microsoft has decided to no longer support XP after April 8. The question becomes what should you replace the old system with? My recommendation is to first decide if you want a tablet, laptop […]

  • Need to Leave Windows XP?

    Recently, I have had to change 5 computers at work from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. The reason for the change is that Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP starting April 8, 2014. Due to a tight non-profit budget, I updated most of the computers to Windows 8.1 and I bought a new computer […]