XP Hack Not A Good Idea

Apparently there is a registry hack which is a “work around” that allows you to continued to get XP security updates. Well not actually, instead it allows you to pull in Windows Server 2003 updates – which has similarities with Windows XP in its code. ┬áSo in theory a portion of the updates should work […]

Not the Work of the Apostles

After the death of Jesus, it became the responsibility of the 12 apostles and other disciples to carry on the work of Jesus and spread the message of the gospel. The 12 apostles went from town to town and preached in the cities. Many were converted to Christianity because of the apostle’s words. Others were […]

True Humility

Often we mistake humility as meekness and not allowing ourselves to take pride in something we did. Humility is recognizing the talents we have been given by God to build up the kingdom of God. When we use our gifts in this way, it is not our goal to build ourselves up, but others; we […]

True Story – Hacker Using Users Email Account to Steal

A person I know recently received a phone call from his bank asking him if he had sent a particular email. The email asked for some banking information but asked the reply be sent to a different email account. The bank was calling to see if the information was correct. It turns out his email […]