Video – A Lesson for Geek Guys and Girls

Here is a video from Buzzfeed I think a lot of Geek Gals can related to….Guys take note and let’s shape up and treat people with respect….   Buzzfeed Video If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys

Google+ & Jetpack

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Since September 2013, I have been using Jetpack¬†to push my posts from this website to Twitter (@cathtechnogeek¬†) and Facebook (, but I never set up anything with Google+. Maybe it is because I, like so many others, had already got caught up in Facebook. Whatever the reason, I neglected Google+, I finally decided to create […]

Comfortably and Naturally

Often we are either too afraid to share our faith or are too eager to share our faith with someone. We don’t need to force ourselves to share our faith, nor should we force our faith on others. When we love and respect the other person for who they are, show them that we truly […]

Morning Prayer

Lord, I have no idea what today will bring. Help me to listen to the people around me, treat them with respect, and to love them as you love them despite the situation.

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