God Allows U-Turns

god-allows-u-turnsEver been to a new city, get on a road, and realize you are heading south instead of north? Wouldn’t it be nice of instead of having to drive what could be miles to find place where you can exit, you could just do a u-turn right where you were? If you are like me, you don’t because your afraid you might get caught making that u-turn; someone is going to notice your mistake. Or, perhaps we feel we are caught in the flow of traffic, and stuck with our decision; we feel we can’t turn around.

Fortunately, God wants us to notice our mistakes and allows us to immediately change directions and come back to him. There is no laughter, teasing, or shaming for heading in the wrong direction. Instead, he rejoices when we turn and head back to him. Despite what is going on in our lives, God will clear the road so we can turn around and head back home.

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