Is Faith A Crutch Avoiding The Reality of Death?

I recently read somewhere that some people believe being a Christian is some kind of crutch. Mainly, the article focused on the idea that we Christians cannot deal with the fact that when we die there is no afterlife. That we use the crutch to avoid feeling afraid of dying because we believe we go to heaven when we die.

While Jesus speaks of a heavenly home prepared for us in the 14th chapter of John’s gospel, Jesus also warns people of hell in the 9th chapter of Mark’s gospel. For a Christian, there is the possibility of going to hell despite claiming to be a follower of Christ. This is clear in the 25th chapter of Matthew’s gospel when Jesus separates the sheep from the goats.

While there are Christians who like to think they have a magic card that will get them into heaven, most believe there is a danger of ending up in hell despite professing a belief in God. I don’t see how the possibility of facing enteral pain and suffering easing my fear of death.

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