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  • Halleluja – Lindsey Stirling

    Each one of us have life changing moments: a brush with death; the death of a loved one; meeting a person; witnessing a tragedy; witnessing something amazing; experiencing something in a different light. Below is a video posted by a beautiful and talented young woman by the name of Lindsey Stirling. Listen to the message she […]

  • Becoming Better Communicators.

    via SIZZLE In a galaxy not far away, and in a time not so long ago, my generation: we thongs on our feet; we listened to records and cassettes; we used typewriters to create reports. Today, people wear thongs as underwear, listen to digitally recorded music, and create reports on word-processing software. It is not […]

  • God Allows U-Turns

    Ever been to a new city, get on a road, and realize you are heading south instead of north? Wouldn’t it be nice of instead of having to drive what could be miles to find place where you can exit, you could just do a u-turn right where you were? If you are like me, […]

  • Star Wars and Game of Thrones Parallels

    It is always interesting to see when two shows have similarities. Check out Geeks are Sexy for the complete list!

  • Body and Soul

    It is obvious each of us has a body. We devote many hours to its care. And that is important, as long as our care for our bodies does not consume us. At the same time, we have a soul. As we care for our bodies, we should also care for our souls. We need […]