Would We Have Video Games Today?

I just finished watching the video below, and I wonder if the current culture of “instant gratification” existed when I was a teen, would we have video games today? I am not too sure. I see teens not having the patience with technology we did back in the day. I find with my kids, they are quick to abandon something if it doesn’t work immediately and the way they expect to work.

Granted, technology has come a long way and there is a reason for higher expectations. But what if the NES is introduced today like it was in the 80’s. No other real competing systems. No other games with greater video quality. Will it work or will it die? Your opinions….?

Horse in a Tree

When AI Programming Goes Awry
When AI Programming Goes Awry

I will be the first to admit that my skill at as a gaming programmer about the level needed to write a game of “Pong” or perhaps “Yar’s Revenge” on a good day. To develop a game such as Survivalcraft is beyond my scoop.

Kaalus, the developer of the game has done a wonderful job working in animals to the game and in general the AI (artificial intelligence) is very good. However, sometimes the logic used to the games characters does strange things. In this case a horse is able to stand on top of a tree (see picture above).

To the program, everything makes sense. To it there is no reason why a horse cannot climb to the top of this tree. This is the challenge/danger in AI programming – how do you take a reality (real or artificial) and create every logical rule to explain that detail?

I love new technology, but it may be awhile before I trust a computer to drive a car….or have my atoms scrambled and then rearranged somewhere else….

I Am More of A Survivalcraft Person…But

A Japanese temple created in Minecraftt

I find Survivalcraft more appealing than Minecraft, but I found picture in my Google+ today and have to give the person or persons responsible this build some publicity.  There is a lot of time and creativity to build such a  structure.

What are Minecraft and Survivalcraft?  Both games designed around worlds in which you look for resources while avoiding various characters and other hazards. Everything has a block like structure to them…image a world made out of Legos. There is really no goal to the game except to see what you can do with the resources you have on hand. In other words an exercise in creativity rather trying to meet the game designer’s goals.

While I stared with Minecraft on my Android, I have drifted over to Survivalcraft and play it more often. The reason for my change…I like the graphics and the challenges more on Survivalcraft.

You can find information on Minecraft at http://minecraft.net/ and Survialcraft at http://kaalus.wordpress.com/