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  • Computer Security Myths

    There is a commercial out there, I forget which company it is for at this time, that uses the premise that they can’t lie on the internet, aka, everything you read on the internet is true. Well, hopefully we know that the premise is false. The can lie on the internet. However, the same type […]

  • Passwords & Rea_MeM_8Ereeng Them

    If you are like me, you can create wonderfully secure passwords that you think you will never forget. However, when it comes time to enter them, your mind draws a blank. Earlier I wrote about using a password vault such as Keypass. I came across this article by Kevan Lee on Lifehacker entitled, “Four Methods […]

  • How to Get Better Customer Service

    No one likes poor customer service. However, it always isn’t the person whom you are talking to fault. I know from my sales experience often the person on the front line is limited what he/she can do. You need to get to the people at the top that can make decisions… here are so me […]