Blind Man Running In the Dark

When I believe I know everything, I become like a man running in the dark; I run smack into the mountain before me. When I believe I know nothing, I become like a little child listening to my Father’s words steering me from every danger.

Bad Business Practices

The gospel for last Sunday (MT 20:1-16A), Sept 21, defies what is commonly deemed good business practices. Even back in 30-33 AD they seemed strange. Back then any good business owner would hire those who came seeking work at dawn because it was clear that these men wanted to work. Hiring more workers at 9:00 […]

How to Clean Your Screens Safely!

You know that sheet of paper that comes with your new device that we usually ignore and throw in the garbage?¬†Often there are directions on how to clean it without damaging it. While water is usually safe, you have to be careful that it doesn’t get into the case and fry your electronics. Rubbing alcohol […]


It is easy to take credit for our successes, and easy to blame others for our failures. Would it be better, however, to give credit to others for our successes and blame ourselves for our failures?

Even More Fully Today

Let me feel your love today, O’ Lord. Shower it upon me and quench my thirst for you. Let your healing love touch my deepest darkest hurts, buried so deep that even I don’t know them. Let your love be like a salve, restoring me so I can even more fully love today.