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  • Sir Patrick Stewart – chaH dub jIH qaH patrick stewart

    I understand the Queen speaks fluent Klingon. chaH dub jIH qaH patrick stewart. Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!

  • Horse in a Tree

    I will be the first to admit that my skill at as a gaming programmer about the level needed to write a game of “Pong” or perhaps “Yar’s Revenge” on a good day. To develop a game such as Survivalcraft is beyond my scoop. Kaalus, the developer of the game has done a wonderful job working […]

  • I Am More of A Survivalcraft Person…But

    I find Survivalcraft more appealing than Minecraft, but I found picture in my Google+ today and have to give the person or persons responsible this build some publicity.  There is a lot of time and creativity to build such a  structure. What are Minecraft and Survivalcraft?  Both games designed around worlds in which you look […]

  • Star Trek Humor – The Truth About Redshirts

    Conspiracy theorists have been wondering for years did Captain Kirk have something against his security officers. Well it looks like the entire senior officer staff was involved!

  • Wish I Was There

    Wish I Was There

    I just said goodbye to a coworker of mine who is headed to Vegas for the Star Trek Convention this year. It looks like a blast. She even gets to sit down and have drinks with Terry Ryan. Check out my coworker’s podcast at the Delta Quadrant at