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  • WordPress Jetpack…Publicize

    On of the challenges in parish ministry is trying to keep members and non-members aware of the work your church is doing. So when the internet came along, church gradually went out and developed a website. At first it was to to tell people where they were located, the times they had mass or services, […]

  • Building a WordPress Website: Domain Names- Part 1 (To Own or Not To Own)

    So at this point, I have to assume (yes that is always a dangerous situation) that you want to do a shared hosted website using WordPress. So we {meaning you] need to make some decisions. The first decision is do you want own domain name? What is a domain name? When you type a web […]

  • Building A WordPress Website: Self-Hosted versus Hosted Website

    In my last post on building a WordPress website, I referred to a self-hosted website and a hosted website. I am sure some of you asked yourself, “What is the difference?” If you take the two words and painted in broad strokes, you get an answer something like this: A self-hosted website is where you […]

  • Origins…How to Build a Website

    Originally, I built this site for church workers wanting ideas on how to build a website on a church budget; for a lot of churches, that means little to no money. Unfortunately, I had to destroy my sight because it was hacked. So I have been rebuilding it. So in keeping with my original intent […]