Tag: Heart

  • True Faith Requires Spirit

    True faith requires our spirit. What is our spirit? It is when our mind and heart act together. When they act independently they are just tools for intellectual or emotional responses to the world around us. When they work together, we develop a complete picture and it animates our bodies into action. For example, we […]

  • What is in Your Heart

    Prayer is not about saying the right words, it is saying what is in you heart…

  • let me wrap my loving arms around you

    My child, there is no sin you could commit that would prevent me from forgiving you. Come to me and let me wrap my loving arms around you.

  • Breathing and Beating Heart Increases Chance of Death

    Latest breaking news: It has been determined if you are breathing and have a heart beat your chance of death is 100% higher than those who do not have a heart beat and have stopped breathing.

  • Natural as a Child Loving a Parent

    We can claim we are Christian. We can act like a Christian. But these words and actions are nothing more than wind unless we dwell in God’s love and respond to that love in action. Fortunately, there is nothing we have to do but let God love us. Our response will be as natural as […]